The Branch presents: STATIC

I was in a show the other day as part of The Branch collaborative.  The house show was a one-night-only event, with a multitude of works from film to music to installation, all encompassed under the broad umbrella of ‘static.’

My work, titled ‘No Remote’ with Alex Lovell-Smith was based around the autonomous viewing and voyeuristic tendencies associated with watching television.

Installation setup. Other work visible on right hand side by Mishca Rhys Hill and Alex Lovell Smith.

Photographic detail. Each image was then printed on a film-backed paper and installed on various television screens emitting static light.

Static sleet fills our minds with cotton wool and mouths with glue as we bathe in the glow of reality mediated through the screen. Time flickers and flashes past us in an endless stream of 30-minute bites and we sell our souls to the box; a small price to pay for a glimpse into something, or someone somewhere else.

Installation detail

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