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  • Peru

    Finding Creative Clarity at Machu Picchu

    Creativity requires movement – in your mind, your house, your street, your city. You don’t need to go far to gain perspective; just getting out of bed affords the opportunity for…

  • United States | East

    Bees in the City

    On a sweltering afternoon last summer I visited Wilk Apiary on a rooftop in Queens, NY to document the honey harvest. Tom Wilk, the head beekeeper dressed all in white and…

  • United States | East

    Women’s March on NYC

    On Saturday I walked through the streets of Manhattan for Women’s March on NYC. While not usually someone who engages in protests – although quite timely with this election and being…

  • United States | West

    Skating on the Sunset

    We could’ve moved to California. Once we’d pressed the button on that exciting one way ticket from Auckland to Los Angeles the next move was left open to decide where we’d…

  • United States | East

    A Cabin in the Catskills

       Heading upstate to lie in the long grass watching the Perseid Meteors. The valley was dark and filled with clouds when we got there and lighting moved it’s way round…

  • United States | East

    Bedford to Nostrand

       The annual block party in the height of summer when the fire hydrants open up, there’s a DJ and a dance contest, kids fire water balloons into the air thick…