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    Impression, Lever de lune

    This one was special really, something dreamt from a range of people each wanting to bring their passion to a project. A collaborative photo shoot to fuel creativity amidst a busy…

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    St Hilda’s, a project complete!

    It is not often a project spans over a year, requiring multiple visits and countless hours to create a portfolio which captures not only the facilities, but also the spirit of…

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    Acceptable in the 80s

      Power Shift, New Zealand’s first youth climate summit happen in Auckland next month and this team of dedicated Dunedin youngsters are making their way up the country on bicycles! They…

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    The Wintering Sessions | Brown

    On a cold and rainy saturday afternoon we recorded an acoustic session with Brown under the cover of the alleyway in Mou Very. Theirs is a sound which will always feel…

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    Creeps and Violets

    One terribly rainy day recently we ventured out the Arcadian Motel in Musselburgh to shoot the new collection for Creeps and Violets after creating some still lifes with spring flowers in…

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    Miss Fortune

    I was going to wait until the new and improved website was up and running to post this recent shoot, but good things take time and we were fortunate enough to…