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Stony Bay in a storm


Drive until the road turns to gravel then drive another two hours.

When we arrive at Stony Bay,  way out on the Coromandel Peninsula there is a weather warning in full effect; a storm is coming, ETA new years eve. Going back home means giving up, so we settle in for the duration of the storm. We’ll wait it out, we said. A lot can be said for good friends, dress ups and Negronis while the clouds swirl violently above. The rain doesn’t set in until we’ve made our new years resolutions  and then doesn’t let up for three days. We don’t wait it out, we do escape. There’s only so many books one can read before you give in and head of in search of sun somewhere else. We find sun eventually, traipsing back south to Rotoiti and then on to a bush tipi at  Solscape in Raglan.

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