A Shanghai Sojourn


Arriving in Shanghai the light seems as though it fights to push through a denser atmosphere, a diffuser, glowing an afternoon gold and the place is a bustling highway. The roads are hectic and dangerous while grid after grid of apartment complexes rise up and wiz past the car window. Surprisingly green, the city seems to be a sea of newness; everything is going up and nothing is coming down.

I’m looking out through misted hotel room curtains over a street basked in late afternoon sunlight heavy with smog and there’s scooters and taxis and balloons and stray dogs. And there’s noise, so much noise. Shutting the sliding window numbs it a little, but there’s still muffles and a general hum the echoes round the room.

I’m experimenting with framing moments that separate image from noise – Shanghai with the sound turned down- a visual gathering of the magical and ephemeral.EHGquietSH


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