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Fox Glacier by day and night

EHGFox Glacier Guides_9

My first decent taste of snow this year shooting and exploring with Fox Guides NZ.

Climbing up high away from everything feels exhilarating and not unlike the way flying does, no cellphone, no data, no contact is freeing. I get so excited about living here and being able experience things like falling asleep on tussocks under a canopy of stars. Even just driving into the night on those eerie Central roads carved out between the hills and shrouded in fog feels like that scene from Lost Highway and is pretty special.

EHGFox Glacier Guides_2 EHGFox Glacier Guides_1 EHGFox Glacier Guides_3 Flying Fox Heli Hike (Helicopter) (1)EHGFox Glacier Guides_31 EmilyHlavacGreen_Foxglacier EHGFox Glacier Guides_32 IMG_8417 Fox Glacier Guides_Chancellor Hut Dinnertime Fox Glacier Guides_Glacier from Chancellor Hut Fox Glacier Guides_Chancellor Hut emilyhlavacgreenFOX EmilyHlavacGreenFOX2

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