Light Headed

Emily_Hlavac_Green_vancouver Emily_Hlavac_Green_vancouver2 Emily_Hlavac_Green_vancouver3 Emily_Hlavac_Green_vancouver4 Emily_Hlavac_Green_vancouver5 Emily_Hlavac_Green_vancouver6 Emily_Hlavac_Green_vancouver7My Vancouver bedroom is a cool relief after NYC and it feels like a dream waking up to birds and different shapes of light like little fingers spreading around the room.

This place is serene and relaxing. I’ve run and walked till my feet have blisters and indulged in amazing coffee and local beer. The misty mountains and nightfall cross-country flights are ideal thinking spaces and I can’t help my spend a decent chunk of time lost in thought.

I’m thinking about what kind of things I want to make and how to be motivated and passionate enough to realise new projects. I’m thinking about feeling settled vs unsettled, and the intrinsic value of travel and adventures.

I used to be afraid of more things like being alone or sleeping the dark or not having a home.  Nowwaking up in a strange bed in a new country feels more exhilarating than daunting.

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