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So High


We stayed up high in an urban treehouse with the city sprawled below around as far as the eye could see.

On the ground wandering the streets there’s a definite desolate vibe and a quietness like repeating Sundays; it isn’t difficult at times to feel like you’re on the old set of an apocalyptic film and waiting for whatever is hiding behind a brick wall facade or being shot behind Door C.
But from the rooftops is where you spy other rooftops with existing life.

I liked LA best in the coolness of the night- watching a film in a cemetery or watching fireworks fall into the sea in the OC.

Emily_Hlavac_Green_SoHigh2 Emily_Hlavac_Green_SoHigh3 Emily_Hlavac_Green_SoHigh4

Emily_Hlavac_Green_SoHigh7 Emily_Hlavac_Green_SoHigh8 Emily_Hlavac_Green_SoHigh9

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