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In print and at the terminal

At the moment I’m working towards a photographic series that encompasses many of my favourite things – my love of cinema, travel, and rich colours in both fabric and light. I am lucky enough to have the support of such a great team to help produce the work as it is a big undertaking and my first large scale self-directed project of the year.

For this particular scene we had the most wonderful evening light streaming through the windows that seemed to work perfectly with the gold yellow of the Carlson skirt. From there we went on to shoot into the night and work through my list of crazy ideas in different spots.

Since shooting, the past week or so has been all about printing and spreading images all around me on the studio floor. I am finding once they become tangible objects you can literally stand amongst it’s easier to see how they work together and as a whole. Now that finals have been selected and printed, I am just waiting with great anticipation to see them all framed before hanging them next week… It feels like christmas!
The exhibition will run for six weeks from March 4 – April 30 at Dunedin International Airport for the Artist in the Terminal.

Model | Pippa @ Ali McD Aart

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