Lost in Translation


Tokyo is crosswalk busy and populated with unexpected quietness, so much so you feel the need to whisper.

The light doesn’t cloak or blanket like other places. It rests. In the holes and negative spaces made by interestingly shaped buildings. The buildings cut the light into shapes and the shapes adorn the streets below.

The winter air feels fresh and cool on my face when I pop out into the night from the giant Shinjuku subway station and the lights glitter Kanji sayings above. I find my way to the hotel, and in the morning go exploring. I am drawn to the impeccable style and how everything is beautifully crafted. It’s culturally rich- new and old, busy and serene. From the tranquility of the Meiji Jingu shrine, to the bustle of Takeshita Street in Harajuku.

I’m here co-presenting a paper at the IFFTI (International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes) conference, as well seeing some shows and, to highlight, a talk by Yohji Yamamoto. While I’m here I’m also shooting a small fashion project in the Minato area with some new-found creative collaborators which I’ll be able to share soon.


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