Four cool things this week | Art installations I’d like to photograph in

One of the coolest things about my job is dreaming up new ways to photograph in interesting locations. As soon as you move beyond the studio there is a world of spectacular environments full of ambient and artificial light, each one a challenge, a new photo puzzle to solve.  Here are a couple of my favourite places, most of which happen to be light-related art installations at the moment….

On the mirrored floor of Beyond Infinity, a multi-sensory installation by French artist Serge Salat which encompases layers of cubic shapes, moving lights and music.

Amongst rAndom international’s motion sensor-controlled Rain Room, London.

In front of Luminarie de Cagna’s LED Cathedral, Belgium. 55,000 LED lights!

Inside Les Lumieres Imaginaires (The Imaginary Lights), Hong Kong. A scenographic light installation by Chi-Yung Wong

Aaaand, a couple of others worth mentioning- Inside Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Room and Underneath Caitlind Brown’s Cloud.



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