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The past few months have been a bit crazy. What with that cold, depressing winter looming over sometimes getting out bed seems impossible and there were definitely a few weeks there where I struggled to keep the motivational ball rolling. A spontaneous trip up to Auckland to meet some of my industry mentors really helped redefine what I’m doing every day and why. While in Auckland I also got to collaborate with my wonderful friend and stylist Yeshe Dawa, and make up artist Michelle Brindle on a little personal shoot (above). We shot this in Yeshe’s courtyard with the beautiful Renee from RedEleven.

I also been putting a music video with Alex Lovell-Smith which we filmed a month or so ago..  this is slow going though as it is the first big DLSR video project Alex or myself have worked on and involves a significant amount of learning in both shooting and editing.  We kept the vision for the project reasonably simple, coming at it with a photographic approach and focus on creative set design.

Last week the iD Dunedin committee held their Summer fashion preview launch which showcased some new creations from local designers. I grabbed a couple of shots of my favourites- Carlson’s bold stripy dresses, Company of Strangers bright coral harem pants, Lela Jacobs’ big flowy printed silk and this intricate skirt by Charmaine Reveley (above). Quite the contrast, gliding all angelic-like across the polished concrete under fluorescent mall light.
Recently I shot some editorial photographs for True grit Hair Spa in Christchurch which we were luckily enough to get into the finals of the NZARH Editorial section which will be held this coming Saturday. This was such a great group of people to work with, and a fun shoot where we made the most of the post-quake rubble, decorative wallpaper and chain curtain (above).

Coming up are a few different things to look forward to…  I’m heading up to Tauranga to photograph for the Tarnished Frocks & Divas french-inspired retro fashion show which should make for a bit of fun, it runs across four nights and includes performances and stage shows.
Meanwhile if you’re in Auckland next week I am participating in a group show ‘Art is Fashion‘ where a couple of my prints will be for sale.
AAAND on the 21st September Allbell Studios on Lower Stuart St will be open late night as part of the OUSA White Night, so if you’re in Dunedin come hang and have coffee with us.

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