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On the road to Paradise

It can be difficult and we can forget that the role of ‘the photographer’ is not all-genre-encompassing. We don’t have to be good at everything- we can specialise and put time and energy into what we are best at and enjoy! Landscape? Not really my forte and I’m certainly no Ansel Adams. On a recent trip away with my Photography students we spent three days exploring picturesque Central Otago. My DSLR rarely left it’s case, though this is not to say I didn’t take away images.
Sometimes it is about finding the little things in the places you’d least expect… The warmth of winter sun through a car window out of Queenstown, $5 boots in Glenorchy or a forest blanketed in moss at Lake Sylvan.. The sheer magic of late afternoon sun striking a tiny glasshouse in Bannockburn.
The snapshot, from an iPhone, perhaps more of a glance than a look. A tangible token from a fleeting feeling.

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