Four Cool Things This Week

This Short Film ‘A Vicious Undertow’ by Jesper Just. I saw this a week or two ago at the Wellington Public Art Gallery’s exhibiton Tender is the Night. In a huge screening room, all alone with the massively wide format film, the poetic and consumingly dramatic characters mesmerised me. It seems a partial love story, though is not without its mysterious and disjointed narrative.

This Photo Project– by Rune Guneriussen.  Isolated objects are removed from their natural habitats, appearing in installations, to be seen only in representational photographic form. The images have an ephemeral, story-like quality and provoke a sense of wonder.. little lights in the growing darkness. I can’t help but think of the lamp post in Narnia. thanks Alex

These People– Jim Dennison and Leanne Williams aka The Crystal Chain Gang. I had the pleasure of meeting Jim and Leanne and visiting their Martinborough studio recently. The intricate detailing and witty thought process behind their works is inspiring, not to mention the simplistic beauty of coloured cast glass and the way it is transformed with light. Helping them out in the studio, Kajsa Backstrom is also a glass artist, interning here from Sweden and constructing interesting glass shapes and objects.

This Music Video for Lykke Li ‘Sadness is a Blessing’  directed by Tarik Saleh. Drawn out to almost seven minutes, the slow and stilted motion creates a scene of simmering emotion and vodka-infused tension. thanks Rachel

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