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Life moves fast and faster still, suddenly its nearly June, the colours are going and winter is setting in. It’s easy to get caught up in various bits and pieces and be all overwhelmed, forgetting to stop and think about where it is you are going sometimes.. so here I am with a brief status update/news bulletin to remind myself (and anyone who cares to read) of the bits and pieces…

My insanely massive photographic installation StillMoving (2009) is looking for a home.. somewhere.. so I am currently gathering reviews and writing proposals. Rachel Gillies has written a really great review of the work here. The size, installation requirements and inability to truly document the layered quality of the work has up until now deterred me from even thinking about re-exhibiting it so I am really appreciative of any ideas or suggestions.

darkblack jewellery’s collection III look book is off to the printers for final proof! We had a lot of fun shooting at the Blue Oyster Art Gallery for this, with the addition of excellent makeup, hair, clothing from nom*D and Mild Red plus a gorgeous model it all came together with ease.  As well as shooting the images I was asked to design the look book layout too, which combines product close ups and model shots in a fun yet simplistic way. Can’t wait to see it!

My friend and fellow collaborator Alex Lovell-Smith finally has his photography website up and running for you to all check it out. He has also recently shot my new ‘about’ page profile shot (moderately ridiculous) which will be up in the next month or so when I do a website overhaul, (including new pages and collections) integrate Lenslapse into the realm of facebook and design some new business cards.

These recent projects really highlighted the value of collaboration for me..  In a world where talent is diverse and inspiration is perishable, why not draw on the strengths of others, collaborate to make amazing things happen. While the classic kiwi DIY attitude is great, I can’t help but wonder if many things would just be that little bit more spectacular with the applied expertise of the best person for the job..
Ultimately I enjoy nothing more than working with good people on cool projects who share the same vision.

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