Four cool things this week with LIGHT

This One Crystal Chandelier designed by Thomas Feichtner has only one crystal and is lit from below with a single LED in a truly minimalist take on the conventional chandelier.


This Photographer- Gregory Crewdson who uses artificial light to create dramatic narrative scenes. If you know me, you know how much I admire his work after finding a copy of his book Twilight in an old bookstore. The visual saturation, cinematic undertones and hyperreal treatment blurs the line between fantasy and reality. To view one of Crewdson’s images is as if viewing one frame from a movie; we are left thinking, ‘what the hell has happened here?’ There lies a dark undertone, a sadness in the eyes of the characters whose lives we have become witness to and a fear of perhaps living amongst the silently chaotic suburbia.


This TED talk by Rogier van der Heide, a lighting architect who talks about why light needs darkness in order to appear for itself, the beauty of natural light and emotional influence.


This Artist creating light sculptures and performances. Peter Roche’s Saddleblaze is triggered by a sensor which illuminates a wooded area in a bright red glow, mimicking a forest fire. The scale and the colour I can only imagine for now.. his performance pieces can be viewed on his website, along with the proposed concept for a public sculpture titled Twister was recently cut by the Auckland City Council. Roche is featured in the latest autumn edition of artnews nz.


If I could fit in just one more Cool thing this week it would be Bill Culbert’s Pacific Flotsam which I saw at the Christchurch Public Art Gallery.. a serene sea of fluorescent glow that seemed to hum, but now in retrospect, I’m not so sure if it did..

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