Half Retrospective

Last friday evening saw art, music, film and performance come together in our one night only show HALF, by The Branch Collective. The event ran for about two hours in total with a pinnacle ‘HALF time show’ in collaboration with band The Something Quartet and a little help from our friends at Highly Flammable.

The live music was paralleled with live visuals that encompassed the audience, and relied on real-time actions. With a laptop station set with cameras facing each other we created a feedback loop that was interfered with through coloured strobes, bevelled glass and flashing LEDS. This was then projected through hanging clear perspex to break up the screen.

photo by Matt Brown

My work ‘Narrative Mode’ was a series of miniature photographic installations which were backlit with LED lights (technical difficulties were evident!) that hung in a dark room. Narrative Mode depicts visual ‘flashbacks’ from a reoccurring dream in which my world is filling up with water. Perspective shifts between a first and third person experience and draws on ideas of overwhelm, apathy and control. The small scale and multi-layered depth of the work provoked people to look closer, through the window, into a private dreamspace.

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