Things I’ve learned this year

A year ago I was pondering my future, feeling misguided, determinded to make money doing something I love, however naive that sounds.

I have devoted this past year to learning everything I could about setting up a photography business, building my portfolio and a network of support.

It has been a huge learning curve and so many simple things get forgotten, plans change and bridges are built then burnt…. sometimes you get so caught up that you forget to look back on where you have come from, all you have achieved.

Over the past year I have taught myself how to make a website and with that been able to present a substantial base portfolio which I’m proud of.

I have worked with various clients to produced great imagery which has  helped to developed their own identity.

Alongside my own photography, I collaborated with some other creative Dunedin folk to form The Branch collective in April. We have had two well-attended shows and another one is in production for next year’s Fringe festival.

Probably the most significant of successes this year, I have met some brilliant people who I feel lucky to know.

I have learned to focus on what I enjoy as that is usually what I’m best at. There will always be other people with a strength in a different area more adept to take on a particular thing.
My aim is to tell visual stories, make stunning photographs and leave an impression. Create something that makes people go ‘Yeah, cool”.

Thats what I want to do.

I don’t need to be the best there is out there just yet or amazing when I wake up tomorrow. As long as I keep doing creative things everyday. Whether it is taking spontaenous photos with the Holga or experimenting with new technology and different mediums or dreaming up epic concept-based works this is what keeps me going.

Focus and motivation don’t always come easy when I’m by myself, setting my own deadlines, but as long as getting up, getting dressed and going out happens, then progress usually happens too.

Stress doesn’t equal progress, and it is better to take one day at a time. This is a concept which I am only just beginning to grasp.

Next year is already full of little windows of opportunity. It will be even better and I look forward to jumping back in after a good holiday away.

Merry Christmas All!

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    Tim Nixon
    December 25, 2010 at 7:34 am

    Wise words, you certainly should be very proud of your work this year having built up such an awesome collection of work and skills. Bring on 2011, lets rock it 🙂

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